Teach, Learn and Quality

During the course sessions we have a look at different aspects of quality: - How to define quality in education; - The approach towards educational quality; - The role of the school team and the ‘Human Factor’ in school’ quality development.
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Teach, Learn and Quality
IMPROVE YOUR SCHOOL BY WORKING ON EDUCATIONAL QUALITY In a fast changing world, society relies on the important role of education and schools. And indeed there are a lot of exciting challenges on the horizon such as: developing basic skills, literacy and key competences, foster employability, socio-educational and personal development, enhance the participation in civic and social life; develop thinking skills, language skills, creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. A lot of Ministries of Education, education authorities, schools or educational organisations invest heavily in the continuous development of their quality. They want to strengthen the profiles of the teaching professions, including in particular teachers, school leaders and teacher educators, for example by enhancing teachers’ education and professional development and linking its different phases; facilitating teacher mobility; supporting teachers in developing innovative teaching and assessment methods; strengthening leadership in education, including distributed leadership and teacher leadership. But how do we cope with this all? The course wants to contribute to the empowerment of schools, training centres and adult education institutions as learning organisations. The course provides knowledge, methodology, insights and skills needed to achieve this goal. The course tries to reveal the importance of involving the school staff and school team in the implementation of the schools’ educational quality. This approach is quite unique as those aspects are intertwined and interdependent. Without the full participation of all members of the school team, no educational quality can be achieved. At the same time, it focuses on internal strategies to make the quality management plan operational.

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City of the Course Lisbon, Portugal
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Target Group School education and adult education: teachers and school educators, middle management, school management, members of the school board, school governors, school advisors, inspectors, all school or education related people
Date/s of the Course

27 – 31 May 2019 / 11 – 15 May 2020

Where to apply

Eekhout Academy

Website: http://www.erasmusplus-ist.eu/

E-mail: international@eekhoutacademy.be

Participation Costs

We offer a flexible cost structure. This allows you to select the package that fits best your personal or school situation.

  • Course package (€ 650 = Participant doesn’t sleep or lunch in hotel and books another hotel on own behalf and takes care him/herself of the lunches)
  • Lunch package (€ 855 = Participant doesn’t sleep in the hotel and books another hotel on own behalf)
  • Full package ( € 1250 in a single room / € 1125 if you share a double room with a colleague = Participant uses all hotel accommodation offered by the course organizer)

More information: http://www.erasmusplus-ist.eu/cost-structure

Competences Tackled

• Develop an understanding of the structure of a quality plan.
• Develop an understanding of the appreciative enquiry method used to empower teams in setting up and implementing a quality system.
• Acquire a number of skills and competences in setting up a quality system.
• Learn about strategies to introduce, implement and sustain a quality system.
• Be able to customize and develop supporting instruments and tools for evaluation, self-evaluation and measurement of educational processes.
• Expand understanding of new teaching and learning methods to obtain higher educational quality.
• Gain insight and develop strategy in setting up a cooperation between the organisation and the surrounding.
• Pick up ideas from other countries which they can incorporate and transfer into their own practice.
• Develop their portfolio, in order to structure new ideas and insights.
• Write own action plan on the setting up of the quality system of their organisation.
• Improved use of colloquial English.
• Working methods of cooperative learning to have more effective meetings.
• Improved knowledge of other European educational systems.
• Improved insight of differences and similarities between European countries, resulting in a better understanding and respect.

EQF level 6
ECVET Point 3, in preparation for 2019

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Course Programme
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Blended Learning Modalities We provide an electronic learning platform where all course material is assembled. Course participants can have a skype contact with the trainer before and after the course.
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Assessment Methods We respect all quality requirements of the association of European Training Providers. Link to our Quality Charter: http://www.erasmusplus-ist.eu/quality-charter.
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European Dimension Guaranteed

The course is the result of a previous international project or collaboration. In Portugal we have a partnership with a local in-service training organization, AlmadaForma, PIC 945946911. The team of trainers is multinational. We have an active policy to include as many different nationalities as possible. The courses are specifically organized in Lisbon in order to be able to include study visits and locally present expertise.

We respect all quality requirements of the association of European Training Providers.
Link to our Quality Charter: http://www.erasmusplus-ist.eu/quality-charter.

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Organising Institute Eekhout Academy
Country of the Institute Belgium
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Contact Person

Charlotte Depoorter international@eekhoutacademy.be